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IATSE Local 480 represents professional film technicians working "below-the-line" on TV and movie productions in the state of New Mexico. Since 1988, Local 480 has covered experienced film workers in over ninety crafts within twenty departments. It is our goal to provide our members with the benefits of safe working conditions, health coverage and retirement.

If you are interested in becoming a member of IATSE Local 480, start in the "how to join" section above. If you are already a member, but you need a password to access the website, contact the Local 480 office to be issued a new password. Production companies should also contact our office to obtain a password.

B.A. Thought for the Day


The difference between a politician who gives us support and actively supports us was obvious when Santa Fe's Mayor showed up to work on a promotional spot. We want support, we need votes, hell we will even take a lack of opposition, but active participation is treasured and won't be forgotten.


We're reaching out to industry partners to put on a FAM Tour of Southern NM including the spaceport in November for the countries top location managers and scouts. We feel that there is much to offer that has not been shot in Cloudcroft or White Sands, and Las Cruces a hidden gem.

The spaceport could be the most expensive location ever but it's there and we should shoot it. We will be extending an invite to our members to join these rainmakers and tour the facility. Watch your email for details in late October.


Always search "coupons" online before you buy anything. It's astounding the deals and coupons out there on car rentals,airfare, oil changes, even groceries. Union plus is a good source too.


I sent this article from the Journal on Monday about Tax n Rev and the explosion of audits. They wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't making them money. Millions are being collected and we hear on good authority and from many of you that a lot is coming from us. The penalties and interest are astounding. Cheaper and easier to pay it correctly and on time.
ABQ Journal Article


Scaffolding isn't something to fool with. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the brother killed in Rio Rancho and the brothers still in bad shape from the accident at the Presbyterian construction site. A fall from 30' is serious. Don't assume - check, double check and check again.


Please take a moment to read the attached article from the ABQ Journal about the increase of GRT audits in New Mexico.
ABQ Journal Article


I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the general membership meeting this Sunday, August 16th at the Center for Progress and Justice in Santa Fe (next door to our office). Executive Board 8am, general membership meeting 11am.


Sport a new lid!!!

Trucker Hats, Cadet Hats, Vintage BB Hats now available on the 480 Website!


The International has published a guide to "Netiquette".
IATSE guide to Netiquette